It’s our eyes that make the horizon”.

A Godly Perspective 

Perspective can be described as the way a person interprets a given situation. In other words, it is the way you see things that happen around you. A Godly perspective is an important concept for Christians to understand because we are told to live by faith. Which means we must allow our belief that God is faithful to fulfill his promises override our natural understanding of a situation. This means it is very important for a Christian to observe things not as a person would, but as God does. In doing this it will allow us to see ourselves, our actions, and our future as God sees it. If man can see the world as God sees it, many things such as fear, confusion, sickness, and doubt will be looked at as issues already beaten by the redemption brought to us by Jesus sacrificing his life for man. The Bible tells us this is a difficult thing to do because it has become human nature to be separated from God and his perspective. Now, to fully understand this we must look to the Bible for knowledge of the blindness of man and the perspective of God.

Monday: Read Genesis 3:1-7

Notice here that through temptation to be powerful like God and through wanting eyes to be opened to evil, man sinned for the first time. Here Satan tempts man, and was successful in changing mans perspective. Also, for the first time man separates himself from God and therefore cannot see the world or a situation as God sees it. Sin opens the door for fear, confusion, sickness, and doubt to become a part of humanity.

Tuesday: Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

Paul in this letter to the church in Corinth explains that Satan or “the God of this world” has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. This tells us that not only is Jesus the light and the hope for believers but is the way for those who live in sin to be delivered. Those who are not in a relationship with Jesus are blinded by the enemy.

Wednesday: Read Isaiah 42:1-7

Here the Lord addresses the Messiah (Jesus) through the prophet Isaiah and commands him “To open blind eyes” and bring “Them that sit in darkness out of prison”. We know that blind eyes cannot see and those in prison have no freedom. Those who are blind and imprisoned do not have the ability to see God’s love for them. They cannot see how his promises affect their situation. Jesus came to change this.

Thursday: Read John 3:15-21

Jesus refers here to himself as the light, and tells us that light has come into the world and those who choose darkness over light will face judgment. Understand that through the light of Jesus and his teachings Christians can be brought out of darkness that stops us from seeing God’s love for us, and the redemption brought to us by Jesus. This light allows us to see how God and his redemptive plan affects our daily lives

Friday: Read 2 Peter 1:2-9

Here Peter explains, that by the knowledge of Jesus, God has given us everything we need to live a Godly lifestyle. It is then made clear that by that knowledge of Jesus we have an escape from the corruption and lusts of this world. Next listed are seven qualities that need to be added to our knowledge or faith in Jesus. If these qualities are added to our faith, we then see and are not blinded to our separation from sin through Jesus.

Saturday: Read Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus speaks here on perspective and also what a person counts as worthy. If we allow ourselves to see the world as most people do, our priorities will be wrong. We will become blind to what God has done for us and what he wants to do with us. Also fear, confusion, sickness, and doubt, just to name a few, will begin to take control of our lives. Therefore we must not allow our perspective, on any subject or circumstance, to separate us from God’s love and perfect plan for man’s redemption.

Sunday: Read Romans 8:28

This encouraging scripture is the key to understanding God’s will for mans’ perspective. God sees the issues in our lives as already conquered, we must strive to see our problems this way also. The things we deal with on an everyday basis although they sometimes look unbeatable have already been beaten, for those who love God and accept his son as the savior.

Ask God that this week that He will open your eyes so that you may see people and thing the way that He sees them.


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