Itís too muchÖ I quit!!!

What are some of the struggles that you face in your life?

How do you handle them?

You donít have to give up when you know that Godís power is available to you. Today letís explore how Godís power can turn your impossibilities into Godís possibilities.

Make your own discoveries:

Rom 7:16-19; 8:9-14

Paul is writing to a group of believers in Rome, talking about some of his struggles in life:

Why do we end up doing bad things when we have the desire to do good things?

What does this passage say about the Holy Spirit?

Gal 5:16-23

How does a life led by the Holy Spirit look like?

How does a life led by the flesh look like?

What is Godís desire for us? Ephesians 5:18

A young man decided to develop a Cricket pitch near his house. But there was a boulder in the middle of the field. So he began to put all his effort to move it out of the way. His father was standing and watching him struggle. Finally the boy gave up in frustration. The father walked up to the exhausted boy and asked, ďSon have you used all that you have to accomplished the task?Ē The boy replied, ďYes, Canít you see?Ē His father asked, ďBut, have you tried me?Ē

In a similar way, every believer has two options, either to depend on himself or to depend on Godís power. When we depend on ourselves, we end up dejected, discouraged and disappointed. But when we allow God to empower us, we can be victorious.

Text Box: Text Box: Godís power is available to you today. Avail His power in your life by:

  • Craving for Godís empowerment (Matt 5:6)

  • Confessing and forsaking your sins (1 John 1:9)

  • Surrender every area of your life to God (Rom 12:1-2)

  • Asking God by faith to fill you with His Spirit (Heb 11:6)

He will do so because it is His desire.

If you sincerely long for Godís power, honestly repent from your sins and ask by faith, God will direct, empower and control your life.


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