1. Recognise where the attack is coming from.

James 1:17

If it is not a blessing it is not from God.

We are in this world but not of the world. We live in a world that is a mess, but we cannot say that it is God’s fault. In has brought the chaos, but we have the solution.

Mark 3:24 – 25; John 10:10

The devil is responsible for killing, stealing and destruction, but God gives us live.


  1. Be sure that what you believing for lines up with Scripture.

We need to be sure that our faith starts with the Word, and remains focused on the word.

At times we do not need scriptural confirmation; all we need is common sense.

Be sure that if you decide to exercise your faith for something, that you have a scripture to stand on. Be sure to fulfill the conditions attached to the promise you believe God for.

Isaiah 1:19


  1. Examine your life.

James 5:14 – 15; 1 Cor 11:31

Deal with the sins God has shown you; don’t take God’s grace and patience for granted.

Holding on to the past will limit your tomorrows.

  • 3 Points of advice in examining your live

    • Be quick to forgive

    • Be quick to repent

    • Be quick to believe the Word of God

Do not become condemned because of other people’s convictions Heb 12:1 follow Christ, not people.


  1. Do not allow doubt and unbelief in.

Stand your ground and hold fast to your confession.

Acts 27:6-11; John 16:13; Acts 27:19-25

A crucial element to overcoming doubt and fear is doing what the Word tells us to do.

James 1:22 Choose what the word says and forget what is around you.


  1. Doing the Word establishes the Word.

James 4:7-8

Submitting to God’s Word will solve all the issues we wrestle with in our daily lives. Sin was defeated on Calvary, we are not fighting sin, we are not fighting the devil, we are not fighting sickness, and we are not fighting poverty… it has already been defeated.

1Peter 5:6; Matt 6:33-34

Entertaining fear and doubt is an entrance to the evil one to play havoc in our lives.

Job 3:25-26; 2 Tim 1:7; Psalm 91:1-6

When fear knocks… start praising God for who He is


  1. Desire the benefit you are asking for.

Mark 11:24

We cannot believe God to bless someone if they do not believe God will bless them. God will not violate another person’s will.


  1. Ask God without wavering, fully trusting Him.

There is no point in saying, “I believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit”, or “I believe in Jesus”, or “I believe in the Bible”, or “I believe in God”… What is required is believing you have received what you are believing for.

James 1:6-7

What James is saying is that we need to be certain when we come to God that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


  1. Do not accommodate negative thoughts.

2 Cor 10:5

Keep this thought permanently in your mind. “Doubt is not from God”.

God never brings unbelief and doubt, but rather peace, strength and a sound mind.

2 Tim 1:7

What we spend time putting into our minds will determine what comes out.


  1. When you pray thank God as if your answer has already manifested.

Heb 6:18; Rom 4:17

Many times people will say to you “Did you receive your blessing?” Our answer should be “Yes I did because God’s Word says that if I ask in faith, I can call those things which do not exist as though they did”

2 Cor 5:7 (walk by faith not by sight)

Faith gives substance to the things not yet seen.


  1. Praise Him for His faithfulness and act as if you have it.

Rom 4:19-21

If we are fully convinced that God and His Word are one, then we will be able to fully praise Him for the answer when we ask Him for it.

Phil 4:6-7

God’s blessings are our redemptive right in Christ Jesus. As children of God they are our inheritance.



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