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Newborn Ministries is also involved with other projects such as the Jesus Project that aims at the eradication of the misuse of Godís Name in the media. During 2004 Andries and his wife, Debbie joined Rev. Jannie Pelser and his wife, Suzette in travelling to Hollywood, California, USA, after receiving a recommendation from Bruce Wilkinson. Our aim was to make movie producers and the church aware of the sentiment of South Africans when it comes to the misuse of Godís Name in movies. During this year God blessed the Jesus Projectís efforts and an additional symbol was added to the classification of movies, namely the B-symbol referring to a blasphemy warning to South Africans that Godís Name is misused in the movie that they are about to watch. This will surely go a far way in making people more God Conscious and has a strong evangelistic message. For more information on the Jesus Project visit their website at www.thejesusproject.co.za.

The team in Hollywood

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