The Newborn Ministry team consisting of Andries and his wife Debbie and a camera operator have recently returned from a very successful campaign in India and Pakistan. Thousands got saved, many got healed and the Power Conference held in Chennai, India and Sialkot, Pakistan empowered leaders to take their ministries to greater heights.

God is a strategic God and never allows things to happen without reason.  We were invited as main speaker at a youth conference held in the south part of India in the town of Chennai.

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The conference was held at Hebron Church headed by Dr. Rev. Edison.  He is also the President of All India Christian Council representing 37 750 churches in India.  He has 48 Christian Hebron churches in his ministry, distributes a Christian magazine to 17 countries monthly and owns a Christian bookstore in Chennai.

After a successful 3-day conference that saw may getting saved, healed and empowered by the Holy Spirit we were on our way to Pakistan.

Many would have advised us rather not to go to Pakistan, but we knew that God had great plans for us. One of the messages I preached quoted the verse John wrote:  "Perfect love cast out all fear", and this is so true.  Even though it was a great risk going to Pakistan, we never feared for one moment.

The crusade was held in Sialkot which is a 3 hour drive from Lahore.  Every night the number of people attending the crusade increased and by the second night people couldn't find parking.  Every night God blessed the Word and thousands got saved and many got healed.

On the last day we had a Power Conference during the morning focusing on the impartation of the Holy Spirit.  Church leaders attended and after Debbie preached, I preached about the Holy Spirit.

Text Box: Text Box: After the message I laid hands on all who attended for the impartation of the Holy Spirit. Fire fell from heaven and people fell, some started shaking and others started speaking in tongues.  What a glorious event!  All were on fire for the gospel of salvation after this event.

On the fourth day we left Sialkot at 02:45 in the morning making our way back to the airport in Lahore. Every seat in the minibus was taken by the new friends and family we gained while in Pakistan.

It was an emotional farewell at the airport as we vowed to return to this country that's so hungry for salvation.

FEEDBACK ON THE INDIA CRUSADE -  9-13 FEBRUARY 2010: Click on the link to see

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The praise and worship in India during one of the evenings


An interview with one of the pastors




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