Dear Brother Andries,

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ!

I am glad to send this report on Crusades and Conferences.

We are thankful to God for the Crusade at Wazirabad where people attended the meetings for two days on 22nd & 23rd of October 2011. Our Coordinator told us that people of Wazirabad and adjacent areas got blessed. Many people got healed physically and many received Jesus Christ as their personal savior. After two weeks of Crusade our local Coordinator request us to give him copies of "Born again What Now" because many people realize that they need salvation and then they got baptized by the local Pastors.

2nd Crusade was conducted at Sialkot on 26th October 2011. Our local coordinator collected testimonies after the crusade when he started to visit homes. The lady was having tumor in stomach she got healed, she shared her testimony when local pastor visited that family. Many other testimonies we received and got blessed. After the Crusade Newborn Ministry team members are going at various new places for follow up and local pastors are helping us for all this work.

3rd Crusade was conducted at Sheikhupura on 28th & 29th October 2011. That city was very new for us to reach. We saw how the people are hungry for the Gospel in that area. That was the biggest Evangelistic event in Sheikhupura City where thousands of people came to hear the Gospel. The result is now coming through the Church Leadership of Sheikhupura, Now again we are going to Sheikhupura on 7th of March as we received invitation from the Pastors and Evangelists of that area. They invited us there for a Seminar and Evangelistic meetings. The Church Leadership told us that people got blessed during the Crusade days and the number of attendance at Churches is much better after the Crusade.

We met different Pastors and Evangelists of Sialkot in the month of November 2011. We heard good comments of the Pastors and Evangelists about the Church Leadership Conference we conducted at Sialkot on 24th & 25th October 2011. Most of them shared with us that they learn messages in the conference and then shared at their Churches.

By the grace of Lord Jesus Christ Newborn Ministry is growing day by day here in Pakistan. God is giving us many new team members so we are improving every year.

We need more prayers to win Pakistan for Jesus and to establish more Churches in Pakistan. We are thankful to all of you for your love for Pakistan. We are glad that you are again coming to preach the Gospel in Pakistan in 2012. The whole Team praying for all of you continually and we are hopeful that this year will be more successful for the glory of God.

Rev. Surkhab

Dear Brother Andries,

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ!

We are glad to let you know that just three 3 years before we started work under the banner of Newborn Ministry. In these three years You visited every year and I hope you noticed that we are developing day by day.

After the Crusades our Team follows up the new believers to help them to grow in Jesus. We are enjoying seeing the results. In these three years we planted Eighteen 18 new Churches. We just planted a new Church in Hunter Pura on good Friday where 200 people gathered in the very 1st meeting.

 If we count all the Church members of all eighteen 18 Churches, its approximately four thousand 4000 members. We are looking to plant more new Churches in other areas as we went for preaching at thirteen 13 new places in the 1st quarter of 2012.

 In February 2011 we started Newborn Bible College and within one year the number of students are more than Fifty (50).

On 1st June 2011 we started Newborn Christian Book Centre in Sialkot City. This is the only Christian book centre in Sialkot. The population of Sialkot is 1 million. Bibles in Urdu and English, hymn books and many other Christian books in Urdu language are available here. Wherever we go for preaching we carry the Bibles and other books with us where Bible College students work on book stall.

We give free Bibles to those new believers who canít buy because many new believers are poor. In the last one year we had given 155 free Bible to the poor new believers. We need many more Urdu Bibles to give free to the new believers. One Bible price is 5 US$.

As we planted Churches in different areas and we are looking forward to plant more Churches now our need to buy land and to build Church buildings one by one. We also need to buy a small van for Ministry to reach more areas easily.

God bless you all

Rev. Surkhab



Dear Pelser,

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thanks for the SMS you sent yesterday. I was in the church service in Lusaka and now am back in Ndola. Concerning the crusade and the conferences we had in 2010,there`s a very big impact you left here. It was a city wide crusade to remember. The fire is still burning till now.
Andries, I thought may be the pastor`s themselves have emailed you the letters and the testimonies which they were writing to me because i gave the opportunity to send these letters to you and I gave them the email address and even the website for new born ministry.
Those who brought the letters to me or sent SMS, I have been encouraging them to testify direct to you because if you receive direct from them, it can encourage you also that your coming here was not in vain and the pastor`s agreed to do so.
But if you have not received any feedback from any pastor, I received some letters from them and i have decided to attach them to this letter.
The letters are from three different churches. I have picked the three letters which I kept in my file. You can go through them. There are many testimonies from the pastors who participated in the crusade and the fire conference.

The fire has gone up to Kitwe and I was called by the pastors fellowship in Kitwe, where the chairman of the fellowship asked me to invite you for the fire conference and crusade in Kitwe because of what they heard from Ndola crusade and the conference. The police command in Kitwe city wants you to go and speak to the police men and women there.

Andries, the church has been revived starting from my church where I am pasturing, there is a record of growth and we have experienced a tremendous change. Attendance has increased because of the decision cards we received.
One pastor has a testimony that when they were following up the people who made the decision on the crusade, they reached out to a Muslim family who got saved right at the crusade and this man is now a Christian with his family. The pastors name is Pauline Kazeze.
I have testimonies of pastors who wanted to give up on ministry but after the fire conference and the crusade, they are back in ministry full of fire. Others were struggling in ministry but after the crusade, they had somewhere to start from. The voices you can hear in Ndola are all calling that we want Andries back.
The people who were healed during the crusade are still testifying what God has done in their lives through you.
Once again, if you have not received any feedback from the pastors, there are many testimonies.
Remember opening remarks at the official opening of the crusade at the ground, you said that you saw the boat crossing over and a lot of people laughed and clapped, now it has come to pass that you prophesy the change of Government in Zambia because the boat has crossed over and we have the new party in power which uses a boat as its symbol.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Evangelist Andries and Debbie,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

I write to you to thank you very much for your heart and the work you are doing for the ministry of God.

It has been few months since you left Zambia, as I told you that you have left a very big impact in Zambia, Andries and Debbie, what you are doing is not in vain!

I have attached my family photo to show our gratitude to you as a family. Beatrice and I are very thankful to you for your generous heart.

Christopher told me that when you met him in Joberg you asked him about me and how am growing big because of the impact of the crusade and your partnership with me in ministry, i want to confess to you that I am not the same after the two crusades that we have had with you. The Church is growing day by day as you can seethe picture that i have attached also for the Church.

I am know by the Government officials and to many people in Zambia because of the Television and Radio adverts that we did during the crusade. Also Am known by the police and military officers above all am know by many men and women of God now in Ndola.

I just want to say thank you to you Andries and Debbie for all these because the Lord used you  in all these things!I pray that, the Lord may continue using you even in the year 2011.

Though you experienced setbacks and disappointments from us in different countries for not fulfilling things according to the plans which God as given you, I know it is painful. I pray that may our God continue to encourage you for your sacrificial hearts.

And as you are planning for next year may the Lord give the successful years for your care for the souls as we are seeing it in Zambia here souls are being added to the Churches week after week.

Andries and Debbie, thank you for giving me the opportunity to partner with you in Ministry by the grace of God if you may give us another opportunity in 2011 and years to come to continue our partnership because my heart is to see souls being saved.

I wish you merry Christmas and a wonderful prosporous new year.

Yours in Christ,



Dear Pastor John

Greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I write to you to appreciate the good ministry of evangelist Andries Pelser. I know you communicate with him, please convey this message to him. That trough his ministry we have benefited a lot. Our church is growing in numbers from 70 to 180. This is because we did a serious follow up on the souls that were saved on the crusade. We received about 250 decision cards, so far the response has been very overwhelming.

May the Lord bless his ministry and you as the organizing host.

Yours in His service

Pastor Boyde Muchama

Grace and Truth Church


Dear pastor John

Evangelist Pelser is a man of God; I say so because the pastors we had in October has really changed and revived my life. I attended the fire conference together with my wife and we were greatly lifted because I was on my way to giving up ministry and when he prayed for me and my wife there was a change that happened within me and my view of ministry totally changed and now I am on fire for Jesus.

Also the book (Born Again Arm Yourself) I received from him has been a great encouragement to me.

You know what pastor John, I regret for only getting 55 decision cards because we have had a great harvest and the church has benefited a lot. Please pastor John if you still have some decision cards thatís left will you please send me some more, so that we may follow them up.

The other thing pastor is, does the evangelist Pelser planning to come back to Zambia, or will you please invite him back on our behalf.

We really enjoyed his ministry.

God bless

Silas Mfune

Dunamis Christian Centre


Dear Pastor John

Calvary greetings to you. I write to thank you for the wonderful crusade we had at Mushili grounds and for bringing the Evangelist Pelser from South Africa.

Pastor, I want to tell you that, that man is a man of God, and as a church we have been helped through the decision cards we received from the crusade. We received about 200 decision cards and out of that we have opened two new churches. To tell the truth, before that crusade we had no where to start from but the crusade made it easier for us. Pastor we want to thank God for the evangelist and you for holding that crusade. Our prayer is that the evangelist may come back again as soon as possible so that our churches may continue to grow through his ministry.

He is really a man of God

Peace be with you

Bishop Zyambo Harrison

Calvary Tabarnacle Church



Dear Andries

This is some of the report from crusades in Uganda. The chairman of Ubaco pastor's fellowship your first Crusade NABWERU CRUSADE 

Over 600 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ and many renewed their relationship with Jesus we baptised over 500 people and a church was started at Nabweru by pastor Kasozi and it is still growing up to 104 people now

Also it brought such a great revival and unity among pastors over 200 churches were involved.


This crusade was such a greatly attended and many people gave there lives to Jesus. One moslem man who was leading a mosque in one of the towns who had a problem with his private parts was instantly healed and was restored and he can now attend to his wife, who went back and witnessed to those in the mosque and was thrown out but now growing in the things of the Kingdom


First of its kind and was greatly attended, says pastor Bagaga with a lot of excitement. It was the first of this kind and the stadium was named after Evangelist Andries Pelser.

1200 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ, unity among pastors was restored and many started working closely in ministry.

Denominational barriers were broken.

Much love in Christ

Jonah and Syslivia


Report for seminar and crusade held in Mbweni Ė Zanzibar June 2010.

Many seminars and crusades have been conducted in this Island all of them are good, but this one was extra ordinary. It opened the sky which was covered with the power of darkness.

The result of the crusade and seminar, the people who got saved were added to the churches here in Zanzibar, and some churches have been planted here in our Island.

We are going through several challenges and hardship associated with our Christian faith. I was going through conflicts caused by spiritual warfare and oppositions by Muslims.

After attending the seminar and crusade ministered by EV. Andries, I learned to realize my vision into spiritual ministry for believers and non believers. The seminar inspired me to concentrate on my dream for serving my Lord God.

May the Most High God bless you

Bishop Daniel


I greet you in the precious name of our soon coming King Jesus Christ

Dear Bro Evangelist Pelser I have been asked by Pastor, Raymond E. MbIdu, to write a report on seminars and crusades held by your ministry here in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania from June 2010.

I would like to give a report here from my office, as you have requested me to do so.

Due the crusade done here by your ministry, I have done a little investigation to all churches that participated in the crusade done by your ministry (NBM); every church that came to that crusade got new members. People who got saved in this crusade held here Dar Es Salaam were about 320. After the crusade 10 churches have been opened in indifferent places in towns and even in the remote areas.

Your ministry is been accepted here in Tanzania, pastors have loved your ministry, your teachings and preaching  have an impact of the power of God in changing the lives of people.

Because of that your ministry have been accepted, and we have witnessed by our eyes the way God is using you, please I request you to come every year to Tanzania and minister to our people, as you know Tanzania is very big, and some of part of Tanzania have been not touched by your ministry, even there they need to be touched by your ministry.

This is my short report written by me

Bishop Lazaro Mayala

God Bless you.


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